Temporary Health Insurance

Life can be unpredictable, and doing without short term health insurance in the Bay Area – or anywhere – is not a gamble worth taking. Short term health insurance plans are designed to cover families or individuals who are going through transitions such as:

  • Being between jobs
  • Waiting for the benefits of a new job to kick in
  • Retiring early and waiting for Medicare
  • Needing insurance outside of the official open enrollment period, which is between October 15 and December 7. if this is the case, a short term bridge health plan can provide coverage until open enrollment begins.

Collins Insurance can offer you temporary health insurance options, for periods ranging from one month to one year. These are more affordable than regular health insurance coverage. Short term health insurance plans provide coverage worldwide—with all medical providers—and include $50,000 in Accidental Death Insurance.

Collins Insurance understands that life is full of surprises, not all of them good. Let us help protect you and your family. Please call us with questions- or apply online for short term health insurance at one of the sites below.


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