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Three Myths of the California Health Benefit Exchange Debunked


California Health Benefit Exchange Scheduled to Accept Applications for Individual and Family Health Insurance In October, 2013

Redwood City, CA, April 3, 2013 – The California Health Benefit Exchange or Covered California, California’s version of “Obamacare” is coming in January, 2014, with applications being accepted in October, just 6 months away. Applying should be easy, but any application for family health insurance, even this new program, can be tricky. Navigating Covered California could be overwhelming and many misunderstandings about the program exist. Collins Insurance works hard to help educate clients about this important coverage and offers tips for successful applications.

Covered California is a new marketplace where millions of Californians will be able to apply for health insurance and may also receive financial subsidies to make their policies more affordable. Due to the Federal Government’s new healthcare reform laws, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare,” insurance companies under this new plan will no longer be able to deny or drop coverage due to poor health conditions or pre-existing conditions. This plan is great news for Californians.

A lot of misinformation about this new program and the ACA in general has been distributed via the web, newspapers and word of mouth. Regardless, this new program proves to be valuable to many Americans. Let’s dispel some myths about the new program:

  • Myth: The new program will cause premiums for Medicare Part B policies to rise 100% next year. There was an email going around before the presidential election this fall saying that Medicare Part B premiums were going rise by over 100% in 2014. This is not true. The current projection is a 4% increase, to around $117 per month.
  • Myth: Obamacare and Covered CA will create taxes on the sale of homes. The Washington-based Tax Foundation wrote an excellent article nearly two years ago that debunked this often-repeated misconception. A capital gains tax on the sale of some homes may be imposed on some home sales.
  • Myth: The ACA is “affordable.” Also untrue. In fact, some of these policies are downright expensive. The ACA may as well be titled the Accessible Care Act, because there may not be much about the new plans that is affordable. The new plans being offered in the public exchange must contain many “essential” benefits, have relatively low deductibles low out-of-pocket maximums.  These will be generous plans and it will be difficult to keep them affordable.

“The new health exchange will be an excellent benefit for Californians. We’re trained and ready to help currently uninsurable residents acquire a health insurance policy for themselves and their families,” says Ron Collins, Principal, Collins Insurance.

Collins Insurance has 30+ years of experience in purchasing health insurance for individuals and families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ron Collins, Principal at Collins Insurance is a seasoned professional, spending 1000s of hours learning the ins and outs of health insurance. He is considered an expert in Obamacare and often speaks on the topic. For more information, visit the Collins Insurance website or call (650) 701-9700.

About Ron Collins and Collins Insurance

Ron Collins, in Redwood City, California, has served the insurance needs of the San Francisco Bay Area since 1981. His independent insurance agency, Collins Insurance, remains focused on providing the most knowledgeable, accurate and timely information to clients about small group benefits for employees, family health insurance and supplemental Medicare coverage. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Ron Collins is dedicated to finding the best combination of benefits that works for his client’s situation.

Health insurance might be a “fair trade” product—meaning premiums from each insurer are the same across the board, no matter which agent you use—but that doesn’t mean all insurance agents are equal. Ron Collins brings premium experience when it comes to picking a plan. He believes in making it a stress-free experience by offering his extensive knowledge of the insurance industry to select a plan through communication methods tailored to each client’s busy schedule. It’s a trusted, successful method—clients and potential clients around the Bay Area consistently seek out Ron Collins to detangle the insurance mystery. To learn more, visit the Collins Insurance website or call (650) 701-9700.

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