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Group Dental Insurance

Selecting a group dental insurance plan can often be a puzzling process. However, maintaining the health of your teeth is one of the most essential elements in maintaining overall physical health.

Collins Insurance provides Bay Area business owners with the information they need to select the best group dental insurance plan from the top California providers to fit their needs. Did you know—group dental insurance, similar to that of large companies, is available to small businesses with as few as two full-time employees? We are eager to share our wealth of knowledge to bring you the most ideal dental plan possible.

What are the options in dental insurance for the self-employed business owner? Typically, you can purchase plans on a ‘stand-alone’ basis or with a medical plan from the same insurance carrier. Simply put, the broad differences between the group dental insurance plans concern choice of dental care providers, how bills are paid and out-of-pocket costs.  Although there is not one “best” insurance plan, some group dental insurance plans definitely might work better for your company than others.

Contact Collins Insurance now, whether in San Mateo, San Jose or San Francisco, to start navigating through the myriad of group dental insurance options and get a quote.