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6 Reasons to use a Certified Agent for Covered California Health Insurance

Covered California color logoWhy should anyone use a Certified Insurance Agent when purchasing Covered California health insurance, California’s health insurance exchange? After all, it’s pretty much a do-it-yourself process isn’t it?

This is a good question to ask, and here are six good reasons why you should talk to an agent before purchasing Covered California health insurance.

1. Cost: Using an agent doesn’t cost you anything. The prices for coverage are exactly the same whether you use an agent or not. The products are the same as well.

2. Choosing a Plan: Certified Agents know the details of all the available plans. Since we have been working with the new insurance plans for nearly three years now we can help you compare and decide whether it makes sense to purchase a lower cost or higher benefit plan. Choosing a Covered California health insurance plan can be daunting. We can also help you avoid companies your doctors do not have contracts with. This can potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.

3. Subsidy help: The primary reason to use Covered California is if one needs help paying for their health insurance. When that is the case, the opportunities for input errors multiply. As certified agents, we know the ins and outs of the Covered California site. We have come to know not only how it works but how to make sure it works to your advantage. When you’re ready to apply for Covered California health insurance, you should use a certified agent to enroll you. Leave it to us to make sure your application is filled out completely and accurately to ensure you receive all the subsidy help you qualify for.

4. Options: We can also tell you in advance if it’s worth your while to even apply through the exchange. If you do not qualify for a subsidy it’s sometimes easier and better to apply directly to the insurer (called “off exchange”) for coverage because even though every plan available through Covered California is available directly from the insurance company at the same price, there may be additional plans offered by an insurer that are not available through Covered California. All policies, whether they are sold on or off the exchange are compliant with the Affordable Care Act. When you are ready to apply for family or individual health sf insurance, reach out to a certified agent.

5. Ease: Setting up an account through an agent is also easier, as there are no User ID’s, security question answers, or passwords to remember. You don’t have to remember a password or a user ID unless you want separate access. Whether you purchase health insurance on or off the exchange, we make the enrollment process easy and less stressful. Let us guide you through the Covered California health insurance process.

6. Troubleshooting: Finally, when you have a problem, would you rather call Covered California, or us? We won’t keep you waiting on the phone for hours at a time. Most of us pick up the phone right when you call, and in most cases we will call Covered California for you.

Remember, Open Enrollment for next year begins November 1st. Contact us now for your consult.

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