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Why Temporary Health Insurance is Beneficial

For those that are unsure or hesitant about signing up for health insurance, they may find it helpful to sign up for temporary health insurance coverage. People are often skeptical about insurance policies and are full of doubt when signing up for a plan. This is often because they are not clear about the type of policy that would be best for them or just aren’t sure how long they would need it.

With a temporary health insurance plan, people can test the waters, so to speak, before deciding whether such a plan would be good for them on a long-term basis. It also provides them with a trial, which gives them time to really see whether it is a policy they would like to stick with. These policies only can last for about one month to a year.

Another benefit is that you can normally cancel them whenever you want; there is no long-term obligation, and it can be easier to qualify for these types of plans. And, they can be less expensive.   Most policies allow for one-time payment or payments that can be made in smaller installments.

Some people also sign up for temporary health insurance while waiting for their normal health insurance to start. This provides them coverage in the event that an unforeseen illness or accident occurs. It is important to note, however, that short-term health plans normally do not cover things like immunizations, preventive care, vision or dental. Short-term policies also do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Short-term health policies allow you to sign up your whole family for coverage.