Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Insurance

The Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans are very popular Medicare supplement insurance plans in California. Blue Shield has been offering Medicare Supplement plans for over 53 years. With over 4 million members, they are the second largest provider of health insurance in California.

Blue Shield offers Medicare supplement Plans A, C, F, High-Deductible Plan F, G, K and N. Plus, Blue Shield is one of the few insurers to offer the new Plan F-Extra, which offers both vision and hearing benefits in addition to all the regular Plan F benefits. Our clients have told us they enjoyed fantastic service with their supplement plans under Blue Shield.

Blue Shield Medicare supplement plans offer many value-added services, like their NurseHelp 24/7 hotline, Silver Sneakers fitness program discounts, and alternative discounts from participating acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy practitioners. They also offer discounts for laser vision correction and separate dental insurance plans.

Enrolling in Medicare and finding the right additional supplemental coverage can be a complex process that involves timing and basic product knowledge. Medicare coverage is very different from health insurance coverage for people under 65 who have had either individual or employer group health coverage. But the good news is that Medicare and all supplemental coverage usually pays more and costs less than most personal or employer group plans.

As an independent Medicare broker focusing on Medicare supplemental products for over 35 years, Ron Collins at Collins Insurance knows which companies and plans are best suited for his clients becoming eligible for Medicare. He assists his clients with the entire process of enrolling in Medicare Parts A and B, and finding the right Medicare insurance plans that are specifically tailored for each client’s needs.

If you’re a Medicare newbie and need someone to guide you, or you’re looking for a Medicare supplement that serves you better, we can help. Collins Insurance assists residents from San Jose to San Mateo and San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Contact us today for a consultation so we can find your ideal Blue Shield Medicare supplement coverage.

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